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Super Locksmith Service Riverside, CA 909-587-6858Modern building laws have become very strict as they have made it mandatory for builders to incorporate push bars on the exit doors for evacuation of the occupants during emergencies such as a fire, earthquake or explosion.  In order to get the job done, you should immediately contact Super Locksmith Service, as our technicians can carry out the installation of push bars and other emergency exits locks with perfect ease.

How push bars work?

 The mechanism of the push bars is quite similar to the latch as you need to press the lever to open the door. It is one of the quickest ways to exit from a building that is catching fire. Single push bar is installed at the centre of the door while two more are installed at the top and the bottom.  They are special locks that are extremely simple to operate and could prove to be a boon when there are a large number of people who need to exit within a short timeframe. All that the crowd must do is apply pressure on the bar to exit the building.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

 Majority of customers do not want to install push bars because they think that it provides a quick exit and might also provide an easy entry. This is a huge misconception, because although the bars help to save lives during a fire or any other emergency, they cannot be easily broken into from outside due to its sheer strength and design.  Super Locksmith Service can easily install the locks inside the premises and ensures its longevity by providing top class customer service. Once the lock is installed properly on the exit, even the most rogue miscreant would find it difficult to break into your property using these doors.

Our service availability:

We are always available for customers round the clock, to deal with installation requirements. In addition, our team is on standby to perform maintenance and repair work in double quick time. Super Locksmith Service doesn’t waste even a single minute in responding to the customer’s call. Even if your business is located in the remotest part of Riverside, CA we will reach the place and carry out the required service.

Don’t wait until you’re penalized by the authorities for providing no proper emergency exits! Call us and get push bars set up on your exits today!