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Securing your documents

It is important to provide a secure locking system to your file cabinets, as it tends to safeguard all your files and documents. However, what do you do when you lose the keys to the cabinet or the lock stops working suddenly? Cabinet lockout problems are pretty common these days. It is important to handle File cabinet unlocking in a proper way, as it is quite sensitive and the chances of damaging the property within is quite high. We handle all kind of lock systems in both residential and commercial sectors. Our team of experts is well-versed in installing, repairing and unlocking both complex and simple locking systems. Call Super Locksmith Service to avail quality-oriented service and for unlocking file cabinets.

Locks that we work with:

There are a lot of file cabinet lock options in the market, which come with different features and functionalities.

  • Cam type Lock : Cam type locks are operated with the help of a rotating bar and the mechanism is very similar to tubular cylinder locks.
  • Plunger type lock : Plunger type locks are very common, as they are easier to use. These locks can be opened with the help of key and can be locked with a click.
  • High tech locks : Modern locks include electronic key locks, built-in alarm locks and other high-tech systems. High tech locks are useful for people, who tend to misplace keys often.
  • Keyless Combination: The number keypad locks are useful, if the cabinet is being used by a lot of people. Keyless combination locks can be opened with the help of a code and do not need a physical key.

Our team of professionals is always ready to handle the customer’s issue without delay, as we understand the value of your time. We make duplicate locks at quick turnaround time, as it helps you during emergencies and for unlocking file cabinets

Our experts can service and maintain all kinds of file cabinet locking system issues. Some of the common services would be:Super Locksmith Service Riverside, CA 909-587-6858

  • Installation of file cabinet locks
  • Unlocking file cabinets quickly
  • Key replacement and repairing file cabinet locks.
  • Upgradation of depository safe
  • Cabinet re-keying services and so on.

Contact Super Locksmith Service at 909-587-6858 for unlocking file cabinets, round the clock! We provide efficient and quality-oriented services at affordable and reasonable costs in Riverside, CA.